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Network providers want to pay you to host a receiver no larger than a pizza box.

Network providers need cell receiver hosts every 800 feet in geographical clustered networks. Submit your property information to see if you're currently eligible to host and get paid up to $1250 monthly.


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We, like you, are opportunists.

There's an opportunity for people all over America to help keep American technology competetive and also put a little cash in their pocket.

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Our services

5GNetworkSites provides a space for network operators and hosts to colaborate. The 5GNetworkSites Dashboard includes many features such as

Track properties

View your property information and status at any time. You can also make changes and update the availability of any of your properties via the dashboard.

View offers

5GNetworkSites facilitates direct communication with any and all parties interested in your property listing, and ultimately if selected will result in the execution of an End User Premise Agreement.

Add multiple host sites

Add as many property data postings as you would like 5G carriers to consider as Host Locations.

The Benefits of working with 5GNetworkSites

Property data posted to will be compiled and categorized and securely stored in our database and made available to the 5G telecommunication operators.


If one or more of your properties care selected as a 5G Host Location, you will be connected directly with the participating 5G telecom operator. After negotiating and executing a multi-year End User Premise Agreement, you willl start receiving monthly payments for the use of your property! Based on the site, the payments range from $250-$1250 per month.


The 5G frequency millimeter waves emit considerable less radiation and they are also non-ionizing. Non-ionizing radiation is any kind of radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum that does not have enough energy to remove an electron from an atom and turn it into an ion.


You've got nothing to lose - get involved with 5G today!

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