Network Operators

Connect with property owners and expedite your 5G deployment

The 5GNetworkSites dashboard application is not only free, it is also secure, intuitive, uncomplicated and effective.

5GNetwork Sites for Network Operators a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, is your reliable connection with property owners, both public and private, across the country.

Our soon to be extensive property data inventory will only be available to legitimate participating 5G telecom operators. This property location data will expedite your selection of host location SITES for small cell tranceiver deployments in your designated 5G markets resulting in quicker and more satisfactory transaction with the property owners

Network Operators Dashboard Features

Search available properties

Search available properties by zip code radius, zip code, city, or state

View property details

View property details such as latitude, longitude, and elevation as well as satellite images

Save for later

Save properties of interest for later action

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