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The new high speed 5G technology is faster than all of the rest, as much as 100 times faster in some cases. The reason 5G is so fast is because it uses additional data, but this data does not travel great distances.

In order for the participating 5G telecom operators to provide the quality of reception that users demand and expect, they are placing small cell receivers about every 820 feet in the designated geographically clustered networks they are deploying today.

This means the 5G telecom operators will need hundreds of thousands of property locations/structures to affix these small cell units all across America. The telecom industry had said that they plan to spend upwards of $600 billion to get 5G expanded nationally.

What this high speed 5G technology does is reduce latency, increase coverage, enhance capacity, and it will enable the IOT with connectivity that will connect everyone, everywhere, all the time.

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REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES for COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY OWNERS! provides the Platform and the Functionality for Property Owners to participate in the 5G Revolution with No Upfront Fees.

In order to deploy their 5G Mobile wireless service across America, major telecom operators need to develop geographically clustered networks of small cell transceivers that are affixed to properties/structures at select host locations. These host locations are provided by Property Owners in those specific markets. will assist Commercial & Residential Property Owners in realizing this opportunity by

  • Promoting Property Location Data to 5G Telecom Operators
  • Representing Property Owners in Negotiations with 5G Telecom Operators
  • Advising Property Owners at all levels of the process

Now it's all up to you. will build a file for each property owner's posting which will be linked to a stand-alone database where it will be categorically filed by city, county, state, address, type of structure, height, access to power, access to fiber cable, owner name and address, along with other relevant data. will compile this data and promote and expose it to all participating 5G telecom operators making it accessible free of charge so they will be able to login to the database and review the various property locations available in the specific market they are deploying their 5G service. We only ask the Telecoms to sponsor our site thereby allowing us to post their corporate logo on our site and acknowledging our website in their monthly billings.

All property owners must realize, however, that simply posting your property information by no means guarantees the selection of your property as a small cell host location, but logic strongly indicates that due to the total number of sites needed for 5G deployment, a large percentage of posted properties will most likely be selected.

So get busy and login now. Put your property potentially in a position of being selected as a host location for a small cell transceiver.

So what do you have to lose? Nothing other than perhaps a nice big monthly check coming to your mail box over the next several years. It's like found money. It about as passive income as you could ever expect to receive.