Municipalities, a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, understands that initially, most 5G mobile service deployment will be in urban areas. That obviously means "downtown" where there is a dense factor that the 5G telecom operators seek. Consequently, many of the small cell transceivers will be deployed in geographically clustered networks affixed to Municipal assets like buildings, utility poles, street furniture, and in right of ways. also offers Municipalities the same repository offered to other Property Owners so that their Municipal assets data can also be considered as possible host locations for small cell deployment. Again, there is no UpFront Fee to post Municipal assets data.

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OPPORTUNITIES FOR PROPERTY OWNERS! provides the Repository and the Functionality for Property Owners to participate in the 5G Revolution with No Upfront Fees. In order to deploy their 5G Mobile wireless service across America, major telecom operators need to develop geographically clustered networks of small cell transceivers that are affixed to properties/structures at select host locations. These host locations are selected from our database of postings by Property Owners in those specific markets. will assist Property Owners in realizing this opportunity by

  • Offering Property Owners a Platform to post their property data
  • Promoting Property Location Data to 5G Telecom Operators
  • Providing background information on 5G Telecom Operators in their market
  • Facilitating direct communication with 5G Mobile Network Carriers concerning End User Premise Arrangements.