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5G is the fifth generation cellular (mobile) network technology that provides ultra high-speed broadband access.
The new high-speed 5G technology is fast due to the additional data used.
5G will increase speed, reduce latency, expand coverage, increase capacity, and enhance density which will result in connectivity for everyone, everywhere, all the time.
Most top tier telecommunication companies will be offering their 5G service beginning in mid to late 2019. In 2020, 5G service will be widespread in the US.
5G data, or 5G NR (New Radio) mostly millimeter waves, do not travel much more than 500 meters or about 1640 feet. So in order to provide the quality of reception that users demand and expect, 5G telecom operators are placing small cell transceivers about 250 meters or 820 feet apart in their geographically clustered networks they are currently deploying.
According to industry sources, more than four dozen telecom companies are now deploying their 5G networks in a selected number of American cities. Of course AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, CenturyLink, and Windstream are among the leaders.
There are a few dozen cities that will most likely have 5G service in late 2019. Here are a number of those 5G cities: Raleigh, NC, Charlotte, NC, Houston, Tx, Sacramento, Ca, Los Angeles, Ca, San Francisco, Ca, Dallas, Tx, Chicago,Il, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Ga, Kansas City, Ks, Nashville, Tn, Orlando, Fl, Miami, Fl, Richmond, Va, New Orleans, La, and Minneapolis,Mn.
First of all, it is so extremely critical to the US economy. Secondly, it helps safeguard our National Security. Thirdly, it offers such a huge improvement in mobile telecommunications service. Finally, it offers property owners a potential opportunity of hosting a small cell unit and receiving incremental income for the duration of the agreement.
You should post your property data on this website if you might be interested in hosting a small cell unit. If your data determines that your site be selected as a host location, will provide information about participating 5G telecoms in your market, and will also facilitate your direct communication with a 5G Mobile Telecom Network Carrier concerning End User Premise Arrangements.
Posting your property data on this site is NOT a guarantee that your property will be selected by any 5G telecom operator. However, according to an industry executive, there are so many locations needed to deploy 5G across America, logic dictates that there is a high probability that many of the SITES posted will be selected.
First thing to do is visit this site, login, populate the online template with your property data so that your data is included in the property data that is promoted and made accessible to all 5G telecom operators.
In order for your property to be considered as a host location, first you must login and populate the online template with your property data. It's free to post. Then you download the Web Services Agreement on the website, sign and return an executed copy according to the instructions. Your property data will be added to our growing database and made available to 5G Network Operators in your market.
According to industry sources, it depends on the location, the type of structure, and it's overall fit into the network. Generally, the monthly payments range from $250.00 a month to $1250.00 per month per operator.
Generally speaking, and based on a short history, selected 5G property End User Premise Contracts with 5G Mobile Telecom Network Carriers are usually for five (5) years with options.
To be candid, there have been some concerns voiced from several different segments. Some opponents are concerned about the possible cancer related dangers that may possibly be inherent in the small cell units. Other voices of opposition stem from the possible environmental hazard associated with the proliferation of these units. There have also been dissenters stating the negative impact these small cell units will have on the esthetic value of communities they populate.
Smartphones will make 5G service possible. Manufacturers and telecoms are saying they will begin offering these SmartPhone devices in late 2019.
Your mobile device will simply pick up whatever service is available in that specific reception area, whether it be 4G LTE, or even possibly 3G.
According to both industry sources and certain telecom companies, initially, 5G service will be deployed in high density urban areas around the country. Once those geographically clustered networks are deployed, the 5G service will then be deployed to other areas and neighborhoods of the participating cities. Rural communities will again have to wait for 5G service. However, some participating 5G telecom operators have announced that their focus will be on rural areas.
According to the telecom industry, the 5G carriers combined have indicated they plan to spend upwards of $600 billion to deploy 5G in the marketplace. There have been estimates that the 5G deployment may take as many as 8 to 10 years to complete.
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