The average man or woman on the street knows little or nothing about the new, high-speed 5G mobile technology. Most likely they could care even less that it is currently being deployed across America by major companies like Verizon, ATT, Sprint, and T-Mobile, to name a few.

Later in 2019 when Smart Phones with this 5G technology begin popping up in scores of cities around the country, the telecom industry expects most users to fully embrace this new mobile device phenomenon. Most likely their expectations will be realized!

However, what allows this new 5G technology to be deployed across America now and to continue expanding in the years ahead, is information that property owners of all types should know. It's an opportunity that should not be overlooked!

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This video will provide an overview of how all of the 5G players will come together to revolutionize American communications.


Due to the short distance 5G data travels, 5G telecom operators are literally SEEKING THOUSANDS of LOCATIONS to host their small cell transceivers which will help ensure the acceptable reception users demand. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, or a site data aggregator, 5GNetworkSites.com will be a link or a connection between the property owners and the 5G telecom operators and will expedite this effort tremendously, thereby benefitting both parties. Herein lies the opportunity!

The site, 5GNetworkSites.com, will operate as a site data aggregator by providing property owners a repository to post their property data for free. Once they have signed a Web Services agreement, this property data will be made available and accessible to all participating 5G telecom operators. Once a property is selected by a telecom operator, 5GNetworkSites.com will provide background information on the 5G Network Operators in the market as well as facilitate direct communication with a 5G Mobile Telecom Network Carrier concerning an End Users Arrangement. This agreement will explain the terms and conditions of payment the property owner receives. It will also acknowledge that an amount equal to 30% of all of the revenues generated will be paid to 5GNetworkSites.com for services rendered.


5G technology is not just being developed and deployed in the United States. It is being deployed around the world with a tremendous focus in China, South Korea, and Japan. At the time of this writing, research indicates that China may be a year or so ahead of the US in its 5G deployment.

5G service is so critical to our nation's economy and to our overall national security that it is extremely important that it's deployment here in the US is and remains second to none around the world. In other words, American companies and American citizens alike need to get behind this 5G phenomenon and assist in getting it up and running nationwide. Now!

Additionally, the high-speed 5G technology will be the major enabler for IoT, the Internet of Things, which will provide the connectivity for billions of users, devices, and sensors for yeas to come. It will absolutely change the world as we know it forever!


Finally, 5G technology is coming to a city near you very soon. Most likely it'll be available for a variety of computers, cell phones, and other mobile devices beginning in late 2019. It'll make 4G look like a snail because it ranges anywhere from 10 to 100 times faster.

In order for telecom companies to offer this new 5G technology service, there will be a need for thousands of networks with hundreds of thousands of small cell transmitters placed on rooftops, poles, and signs across America. Why? Because 5G service requires EXPONENTIAL data which only travels short distances. In fact, the data travels only about 500 meters or 1640 feet. So in order to ensure that the service is what customers expect and demand, the 5G telecom operators are placing the small cell transmitters 250 meters or about 820 feet apart. Some say there will be as many as 486 units per square kilometer. Now that's a lot of small cell locations!

Thousands of 5G networks will first be developed in urban areas around the country, and hundreds of thousands of small cell transceivers will service users in those certain clustered geographic areas.

The telecom industry states they will spend upwards of $500 billion to get this high- speed 5G service in most US urban markets over a multi-year buildout. It's an enormous task, but one that offers property owners who get involved NOW an incredible opportunity to realize some annuity-like, recurring income over the next few years. Speaking of opportunity!

So if you own properties like residences, retail stores, apartment buildings, condo complexes, office buildings, signs, hotels, billboards, kiosks, utility poles, or other property types, you may want to take a serious look at this opportunity.

What do you have to lose?