If you own a residence, a retail store, an apartment complex, a condo, a townhouse, an office building, a business sign, a shopping center, a restaurant, a billboard sign, an area light pole, or if you control municipal properties or public facilities in your city or county, you need to read and understand the next few paragraphs!

If you would like any of your properties considered by a participating 5G telecom operator as a potential Host Location for a 5G small cell transceiver, LOGIN to and post your Property Data to the online template.

1. It's FREE to post!

All Property Data posted to will be compiled and categorized and securely stored in our database and made available to the 5G telecommunication operators.

2. You get PAID!

If one or more of your properties are selected as a 5G Host Location, you will be connected directly with the participating 5G telecom operator. After negotiating and executing a multi-year End User Premise Agreement, you will start receiving monthly payments for the use of your property! Based on the site, the payments range from $250-$1250 per month.

3. It's SAFE

The 5G high frequency millimeter waves emit considerably less radiation and they are also non-ionizing. Non-ionizing radiation is any kind of radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum that does not have enough energy to remove an electron from an atom and turn it into an ion.

You've got nothing to lose except maybe a check that keeps coming month after month after month! So Go ahead! Login! Post your Property Data! Get involved with 5G NOW!

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OPPORTUNITIES FOR PROPERTY OWNERS! provides the Repository and the Functionality for Property Owners to participate in the 5G Revolution with No Upfront Fees.

In order to deploy their 5G Mobile wireless service across America, major telecom operators need to develop geographically clustered networks of small cell transceivers that are affixed to properties/structures at select host locations. These host locations are selected from our database of postings by Property Owners in those specific markets. will assist Property Owners in realizing this opportunity by

  • Offering Property Owners a Platform to post their property data
  • Promoting Property Location Data to 5G Telecom Operators
  • Providing background information on 5G Telecom Operators in their market
  • Facilitating direct communication with 5G Mobile Network Carriers concerning End User Premise Arrangements.

How It Works connecting Network Operators and Property Owners